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About Us

In 2008 after my second child was born, I opened up an online boutique.  We saw a lot of success, had a brick and mortar store, had spots on a local morning television show and commercials, participated in dozens of shows, and have been selling wholesale to boutiques across the United States the last several years.  

After starting my blog in 2014, (formerly named SheLeavesALittleSparkle), I felt like we needed to keep the online boutique and blog all together and do some rebranding to avoid confusion.  Now, when you visit my blog, you'll also be able to shop in the same place without leaving the website.  

I am obsessed with my family and making our home a fabulous place where we always want to be!  We have so much fun together and are always having some kind of party.  I love learning new skills and creating things.  I enjoy building, cooking/baking, shopping, fashion and beauty, decorating my home (especially for holidays) and any good makeover project, whether it's on a home or a person!  I hope you'll enjoy coming here again and again and share in my passions and learn something new.  My goal is to uplift and inspire those around me so I hope you feel that.

Follow me on the social media links below to keep updated with what I'm doing and what new items we're bringing here.

I'm so pleased you stopped by!  I hope it was delightful!

Hugs, Summer